PDF Drive Alternatives

PDF drive has become so common in our use that many of us don’t think of an alternative. It’s logical to think that but there are many alternatives to this driving service and some of them are even better than PDF. We’re sharing some of the alternatives in this article that can fulfill your needs and prove to be useful.

PDF Drive Alternatives


Bookyards is a drive-like service that allows users to store all their files in one place. The Bookyards include tools for searching documents and sharing them with others. It also has an HTML5 editor built into it that allows you to create and edit files directly from your browser. If you’re looking for a free alternative to PDF then this is the best choice


This is the best option if you’re writing a new book or learning a new language. It’s a website that offers more than 2500 books that you can read online and download as eBooks. Not all but some titles are even completely free. It includes categories like languages, business, science, health & fitness. In addition, you can get more obscure titles like Algebra Made Easy and How to Win Friends & Influence People in Japanese. It is one of the rarest sites where content is available for everyone to enjoy according to their taste.

Internet Archive

Internet archive is a non-profit organization launched in 1996 with the aim to provide permanent access to researchers, historians, scholars, and public education. This site offers free cloud storage of digital files. You can store your PDFs here or read them whenever you want. You need to create an account to access these files and you can store them without any limit and expiration. Although if you don’t log in within 5 years, your account will be deleted.


ManyBooks is a free file hosting site and allows downloads from all around the web. You can download PDFs, e-books, and other files quickly and easily. It gives a benefit to readers to preview before downloading their books. There are many other ways to find free e-books online, but

ManyBooks allows people who like to read physical books to experience digital reading without forcing them to buy a Kindle.


Booknet is a free service that allows people to store and share their digital library online. There is no need to sign-up and it offers several capabilities for sharing documents, including an upload form for various file types such as audio, video, image files, and more.

Documents are automatically uploaded upon being selected from your computer. If you want to get started uploading immediately, use its Quick Upload form located on your computer’s desktop icon bar.


Google also allows people from accessing its files on their browsers, but it also requires them to create an account, which sometimes is as frustrating as not accessing anything at all. But there are many good and free alternatives that are easily accessible. Some of them are Dropbox and Amazon web service: these offer extensive cloud storage features as compared to Google. They too have some drawbacks and their major drawback is making users sign up for an account to get these features. Many services require an email address to use them so in that case getting a new account shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


Free-eBooks.net is one of the leading sources on the internet for free eBooks and can prove to be the best alternative to PDF Drive books. It is the best place for authors to upload their work and make it available for others for free. The main titles offered on the website are in different formats, including EPUB, PDF, TXT, and HTML.

At Free-eBooks.net, books can be searched by author or title. Once you get a book, you can read its description or reviews from other readers. To download it, you will have to create an account with the website. It is free to join, whether you are a reader or an author.

OnlineProgrammingBooks.com (OPB)

OnlineProgrammingBooks is among the top websites for programmers and the best alternative to PDF Drive books. Any programmer or a technology enthusiast can use the site to search for any publication related to computer science, web and graphic design, programming, and mobile app development. One can also get resources on databases, artificial intelligence, networking, and computer hardware, among others.

The books available are from the authors that wrote them. That means you can download them legally since the website does not host pirated content or links to sites that host pirated titles. Not all but some PDFs are free, others are available at discounted prices.

Open Culture

Open Culture has hundreds of audiobooks, online courses, and movies, which you can download without any extra cost and in various formats, such as KINDLE, PDF, HTML, and PLAIN TEXT. In addition, users can find books according to their taste like fiction, drama, poetry, adventure, and other literary genres written by classic authors. The site has a special feature, It makes getting books and cultural material in various languages, including Spanish, French, and German. You can also search for a title by category or date created. All this is available without a subscription or sign-up, including the audiobooks, which can be downloaded in an MP3 format.

Open Library

Open Library is an extensive digital library initially developed to support the visually impaired community (really a great step). You can borrow and download for free millions of books there. It has over 20 million records from many catalogs and contributions from authors. Users can download, add, or edit books uploaded on the site. Books are available in various formats, including PDF, EPUB, PLAIN TEXT, DAISY, and KINDLE. By creating an account with Open Library you can edit or add books. The platform makes it easier for users to access books by any author or publisher. You can also publish your books and use the website’s resources to market your creations.

(PDF Drive Alternatives)


It’s getting harder and harder to find a good PDF download site with some free options, especially if you want something reliable and easy to use. Thankfully, there are still some great options out there, and this guide will show you the top 10 of them so you can start downloading PDFs right away without having to pay anything much.

(PDF Drive Alternatives)

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